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Telo is a interactive language designed to help test and debug objects. The idea is that you can test the interface exposed by your lower level objects easily from an interactive command line. Telo is written in C++ so currently can only be used from languages which can link with it. To use the program currently you need to write a veneer function for each method you expose to the Telo command line.

Telo comes with three standard types - string, ints and reals.

Additionally recently telo has had support added for time_t and the SQL/ODBC date types.

A new addition to telo is the mkvnr.pl script which allow most of the hard work of writing veneers to be done automatically.


There is a lot to do to telo, I consider this an late alpha early beta.

More Later.


Will be available vis CVS from here. But I need to sort out all the old tarballs I've got lying round into a sembelence of order so I can check them all in.

For the mean time I have released a prelimary snapshot of my 0.14 directory so you can all see what I've been up to. But A word of warning this is very messy.


0.11a A very early verison. I can'it remember much about it. Only of historical interest, if that.
0.12b This is still very basic. It has the advantage that it can be compiled with c-front. So this is the version you need for Acorn C++.
0.13 Tidied up a little, useful if you don't need string support as strings in 0.14 need wxwindows.
0.14 Latest version. String support has been added. The assignment statement has been fixed.

Auto veneer generation program added.

Dis-ad: String support currently requires wxWindows, but there is no reason why an alternative string support conuld not be coded.

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